Sony STR-DH810 7.1-channel A/V Receiver Review

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The Sony STR-DH810 7.1-channel A/V Receiver with 7 HD Inputs is designed to take your home HD surround experience to a whole new level. You can connect up 7 different HD devices using the 4 HDMI and 3 component connectors on back of the receiver. Features 7.1 channel audio using multiple decoding technologies with 110 watts of power per channel. Wireless audio transmission ready, gives you the ability to send the audio signal into up to 10 different rooms using optional equipment.

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The Sony receiver is designed to expand your home entertainment center in your living room. By using the 7 HD video inputs you can hook up your Blu-ray player, Sony PS3 console and standard DVD player and play them on your HDTV and speaker system through a single HDMI cable. Using a technology called Upscaling, the output from your standard DVD player will be converted from analog to 1080p.

Sony STR-DH810 A/V Receiver Features & Specifications

  • 7.1-channel A/V receiver with 110 watts per channel
  • 7 HD video inputs (4 HDMI, 3 component)
  • Upconvert/Upscale from analog to 1080p via HDMI
  • Dolby TrueHD and dts HD enhanced audio codecs
  • Wireless 2nd Zone audio (S-AIR multi-room capability)

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The Sony A/V receiver uses three different audio technologies to deliver the highest quality audio to your entertainment system. The 7.1 channel audio portion of the receiver uses the following sound decoding technologies LPCM, Dolby trueHD and dts-HD decoding to deliver the best sound from all sources.

A feature built-in to the receiver called Wireless 2nd Zone audio allows you to send the audio signal to up to 10 additional rooms in your home. However, you would need to purchase some optional equipment to make it possible to receive the audio in the other rooms.

The remote control that is included with the STR-DH810 receiver is part of the Sony Bravia Sync system, which means any compatible device such as Sony Blu-ray player, Sony Bravia HDTV, Sony surround sound system, Sony Handycam, and Sony Cybershot digital camera can be controlled by a single remote control.

Sony STR-DH810 Review

After reading through many of the reviews for the Sony STR-DH810 A/V receiver we discovered that the consumers that purchased this product rated it 3.8 stars out of a possible 5.0 stars. The majority of the reviewers left very positive comments, but some also left negative comments. One of the reviewers was really happy with how easy if was to setup. Other reviewers really liked that they were able to hook up multiple video sources all at the same time and connect them to their TV with a single HDMI cable. Click here to read these reviews.

However, not all of the reviewers left positive comments, a few of them left negative ones. A couple of the reviewers were not happy with poor documentation that came with receiver. Another reviewer was disappointed with the way the inputs and outputs do not sync up properly.

After finishing our research of the many of the reviews posted online for the Sony STR-DH810 7.1-channel A/V receiver it appears that the majority of the consumers were very happy with their purchase of this receiver and with only a few negative comments, we would highly recommend this receiver. Click here to check it out.

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Customer Reviews

Mithun March 19th, 2012 (#)

Like many out there, I had a receiver/amp that was over 20 years old that died (mine was a Nikko NR-750). I wanted something basic with no fancy frills to replace the solid features of my old amp. After pricing them all and knowing that I am now listening to my stereo in the basement rec room (which is not optimal conditions anyway), I decided to try the very inexpensive, no-frills Sony here. Compared to my old Nikko, it isn’t even close. The frequencies are flatter, and the only adjustments you can make are a 1-10 Bass and Treble control which don’t shape the sound out very much at all. I am also not thrilled with the input abbreviations (the CD one has SA/CD/blah, blah, there is no Phono, Cassette has MD or something anyway, it is all a bit off-putting for us middle-aged dudes, but once you get your codes down you will be okay), but that is minor.All that being said, look one more time at the price, and you can give this unit a break, realizing you get what you pay for. It is quite a serviceable receiver that, while not bringing the potential out of my speakers, doesn’t make them sound like vomit. For a little over a hundred dollars (and free shipping) you will get a unit that works pretty well (but that really needs an equalizer). I am going to keep it because for my situation the price difference isn’t worth getting a higher-end unit, but if you are a real audiophile and have a sound room with proper dynamics you probably shouldn’t be looking at the cheapees like this one, anyway. One more note this, like many newer amps, does not have a built in amp for the phono jack. Fortunately my turntable is only a few years old (since my old one died) and most new ones come with a switch built in for pre-amp or none. Just beware that if you are running an old turntable without this option you will need to hook up a separate pre-amp between the turntable and the receiver.All in all, I debated 3-stars or 4, but gave it the 4 because I should have figured that for the price I was not going to get something to equal my old receiver, and overall it is a pretty good deal.

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