Marantz SR7005 Surround Receiver Review

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The Marantz SR7005 Surround Receiver is known for its quality performance any where it’s installed.  It’s a great device that can enhance your home entertainment at any point in time.

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The stereo receiver comes with a lot of unique features. It has 125 watts x 7 channels with discrete amplifiers. The device takes home entertainment to another higher level you can ever dream of. It comes with superior video technology system for maximum efficiency. You can easily connect about 4 HDMI equipped sources to the device. The product also comes with diverse format conversion systems which allow you to watch all kinds of older videos through the awesome HDMI format.  It also has a second zone for audio and video output which helps you to enjoy all manners of home entertainment at will.

Marantz SR7005 Stereo Receiver Features & Specifications

  • 110 watts per channel, in all discrete “Current Feedback” amplier stages
  • Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital +, Pro Logic IIx (Movie/Music/Game)
  • DTS HD Master DTS 96/24, ES (Discrete 6.1/Matrix6.1), Neo:6
  • RS-232C terminal for integrating into popular control systems
  • 2nd Zone A/V output (Individual source) w/discrete commands
  • Three year warranty

The Marantz Surround Receiver comes with Multi-Room Remote control for easy operation.  The quality and design of the device is actually superb. It comes with a compact chassis that can easily fit into any space you may have. The product also comes with 3 year warranty when you purchase it.

Meanwhile, the Marantz SR7005 Stereo Receiver showcases in various models with definite numbers. You can always choose any of the models that can suit your home entertainment. Most of the models come with unique features aimed at helping you to enjoy the best of entertainment.

Marantz SR7005 Review

Currently, the Marantz Receiver has attracted 32 reviews from various customers who have bought and used it. A good number of the customers came up with positive comments about the device. They highlighted that the product is very strong and durable.  It provides warm and rich sound all the time. One customer likes the sleek nature of the device including the sound quality. Most of the customers also appreciate the current price of the product at Amazon. They also recommend the product to everyone who is looking for good receiver to use at home.

As at the moment, the sr7005 stereo receiver has also attracted lots of star ratings from various customers.  It has 4.3 out 5 stars at Amazon. This shows how good it has been at the hands of many customers who bought it. Click here to read more reviews.

Meanwhile, there are some negative comments seen in some of the customers’ reviews concerning the product. One customer wrote about the cons of the product. He maintained that the product is very complex to use even when you must have gone through the owner’s manual. Well, that’s just the view of one ignorant customer.  A lot of other customers didn’t have any issue installing and using the product.

In any case, the Marantz SR7005 Surround Receiver remains a very nice device you can use to enjoy music and videos at home. I highly recommend it to everyone who’s looking for a quality receiver to buy. It’s readily available for purchase online. Click here to check it out.

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